Wolsey finds Solutions

“There is much talk at present about the need to increase the supply of housing to an ever increasing population.” comments Chris Foulkes, Director of Investment at Wolsey, the development finance specialists for housebuilders. “The major house builders are largely stepping up to the plate in this regard, but we forget that, not too long ago, it was the small to medium sized house builder that was producing nearly half the new housing supply. Not the case today.

Lack of residential development funding ‘where with all’, and starved of supplementary funding availability, combined with an ever more bureaucratic , lengthy, and expensive planning process, has largely squeezed the life out of this vital part of this housing supply sector.

Finding solutions to residential development finance requires imaginative thought combined with trusting business relationships. One such example is St Annes Road , Willenhall (pictured). Funded through Wolsey, this scheme by Dunedin Homes, has proved a remarkable example of how impossible commercial odds can be overcome.”

Housebuilder Magazine, June 2017