The Wolsey Way

Routes to funding

While the final funding package will be tailored to the project requirements and client needs, the breadth of options Wolsey offer is wide ranging and for new schemes structured around:

  • Senior Debt funding - up to 55% GDV
  • Stretched Senior funding - up to 60% GDV
  • Bridging Finance - up to 75% GDV
  • Mezzanine Finance – up to 85% of costs for schemes from £2million + GDV

...and, if the individual dynamics warrant, these criteria can be flexed for the strongest proposals.


In addition to lending for new schemes, Wolsey will look at refinancing options on existing, part developed schemes. Where developers wish to generate cash we will look at the development programme reached and projected for the scheme and make a proposal for refinancing that will release equity currently tied up in that project.

Lending criteria

Wolsey will look at residential schemes upwards of £2 million GDV. They may be individual schemes, or portfolios of schemes with a minimum of at least 80% residential use; new build, conversions or refurbishments; both apartments and houses, or a mix; and multiple units of 3 or more. We will look at schemes across the UK in areas where it can be demonstrated that there is a an active residential market.

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Process to funding

Three steps to our decision

  • Understanding

    Understanding of opportunity. The starting point is for the developer to make contact with us – and the earlier the better. From that initial discussion, we will visit the site and meet the developer and get a clear understanding of the core characteristics of the scheme. At the same time the developer will provide Wolsey with all key documents, including an Appraisal; the Planning Application/Permission; and Plans of the proposed development.

  • The proposal

    Once the opportunity and needs are understood, information received and potential established, Wolsey will look to tailor a funding solution with the developer. This will result in a funding proposal being put forward. Often there is an element of urgency at this stage and Wolsey will look to respond effectively to meet the relevant deadlines.

  • Roll out

    Once discussions are concluded and all questions answered, the lending facility can proceed and the contract entered into between the developer and Wolsey. This will prompt the start of the release of the funds in a co-ordinated and staged programme to meet the scheme’s cashflow requirement. The developer and Wolsey Director will establish a close professional relationship through this process and this will continue throughout the development, with Wolsey always on hand to provide a personal service and make effective decisions to ensure the finance is in the right place at the right time.